First step – emptying the house

Première étageDuring the last four weeks, we emptied the house as it was full with a lot of stuff: old, rotten furniture, rubbish, bottles and other undefinable things. Usable items we gave to Emmaus, all the rest we brought to our nearby dèchetteries.

Along with this, we also broke down all the internal walls (there were up to 6 rooms on one level!), removed the gypsum paneling on the beams, dismantled installations, ovens, tapestry and floor coverings. All in all, we filled one big container with old stuff and about 60 trailers à 600 kg with plaster, gypsum, bricks, wood and dirt.

We got a containerThe cave, the first and the second level are empty now, the last few gypsum panelings will be gone this evening 😉

And than, we need to empty the attic, still full with rubbish. We want to have this be done until the end of this week so that we are able to measure, plan and draft the plans for the future apartments.

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Christine Graf


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